The DreamMakers - Vanishing Waves out on Werkstatt

The long awaited collaboration between Carl Crellin, Mark S and Jowie Schulner is finally there. Vanishing Waves got released on Werkstatt Recordings through Bandcamp and Junodownload.

Supported by, Mark Grey's Solitudes on Di.FM and RADIO S&SR Transmission on Galaxie radio

27 January 2019

The Land Of Hope on Spotify

The Land Of Hope is out on Spotify. Listen here.

29 June 2018

So Fresh supported by Synthetix Sundays!

So Fresh got supported by Synthetix Sundays! View Tracklist on the Synthetix Sundays' Facebook page

11 September 2016

Support for the N64 Anniversary Compilation

After the past few days there has been support from Nintendo Life, Gamnesia and GoNintendo for the Nintendo 64 20th Anniversary Compilation
which also features Jowie Schulner's Remix of Donkey Kong 64' Frantic Factory [Click here to listen].

11 March 2016

N64 20th Anniversary Compilation Out Now!

David Bowie In Memoriam
The N64 Anniversary compilation which contains Jowie Schulner's cover of Donkey Kong 64' Frantic Factory is out now FOR FREE on bandcamp.

6 March 2016

David Bowie In Memoriam
This is what me and other guys of the Synthwave / Dreamwave / Retrowave music scene has to say about David Bowie. Article written by Vehlinggo.

12 January 2016